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My name is Eyal Gelberg if you came to me I guess you're looking for a voice that will make the difference .. I'm almost 10 years in the field of voice Overs I can do voice over a range of audiences and to conform to the terms of the message degree of emotion, intensity and play with my voice ... My services are both in Hebrew Language (mother tongue) and English ( very good) for a range of leading companies in Israel and abroad. I own a professional studio , with quality equipment for recording and editing which gives me an advantage in my work and the ability to be more personal in each project. of course, I'm visiting other studios if it required, depending on the customer. Welcome!

Narration making

It is important for me to give my clients the optimum sound quality and uncompromising, personal, professional and fast support service. I created my own home studio with a maximum emphasis on the quality of the sealing materials and the most advanced equipment. Because I have a home studio, flexibility is possible and I can give you work quickly and to provide support and services virtually around the clock.

Narration for Corporate, Public information and Training Videos

Voice Over for TV, Radio commercials and promos

Annoucing, Narration for IVR and other special works

About me

Shalom, To all my clients and colleagues, it's important for me to give a warm and personal touch beyond my professional voice over services and therefore I would like to start and begin telling a little bit about myself… I'm an Israeli native speaker and lives in Tel Aviv metropoline area. Originally from Haifa, north of Israel. I've served as a commander in the Israeli Navy. Still then there were people that told me that I should've gone to Galatz, the Israeli Army's Official Radio Station (one of the leading and most veteran radio stations in Israel). But back then I didn't think about narration that much…. Although my affair with the microphone began in high school as a drummer and a singer in a rock band.

Finished the army and I started working as a Radio anchorman and sound technitian and performed narration works for radio commercials and promos.

More about Eyal Gelberg
  • Testimonial
    Inbal Stern - Marketing Manager of Pizza Hut,

    Eyal Gelberg is the voice behind the Pizza Hut. Eyal gives us the right professional services and our switchboard received professional voice tone and clear. Beyond the charming personality Eyal provides fast and courteous service and give a full response for the TIME TO MARKET required in our field. Strongly encourages high-quality talented announcer with stunning interpersonal relationships and attractive prices.

  • Testimonial
    Yechiel Vaisblum, Egged

    I got the recommendation for Eyal following the narration he did for the IVR's system of Egged company .. he immediately took on the difficult task of announcing vocal buses throughout the country .. I can say in his favor that is Meticulousness and professionalism is within his consistent, integrity and his genuine desire to help with such an important service.

  • Testimonial
    Yoram Porath - Producer and director,

    Eyal gives a high level narration performance. Great man to work with, always pleasure to meet and discuss ideas.

  • Testimonial
    Alon Harel - Owner at Harel Productions,

    When you hire Eyal you can't go wrong. Eyal is our first choice for most corporate video productions. The combination of gifted voice with a passion to produce the best narration every time makes Eyal highly recommendable.

  • Testimonial
    Shai Camerini - CEO at CUTAWAY Film Productions,

    Eyal has been working with me for several years and I can say that he never let me down. Beyond his unique voice and professional work, it's his uncompromising passion for the Voice Over/Narration profession and devotion for his clients. Hope to enjoy his voice for years to come...

The universal narrator knows all and can enter a character's head any time he chooses.



P.O. 7923 Ramat Gan, Israel.
Eyal Gelberg, Voice Over Talent.
Cel: 00-972-52-24-76-900
Studio :00-972-3-656-7-656
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